The Road to Alaska
Exactly one week ago we set off on a 13 day journey north, heading for our new home in Alaska. 

It’s been a fairly wild week, to be sure. Not insofar as mechanical problems or anything major, just some interesting things. 

To start off, we were about 4hrs late in departing, and we were not even close to being packed or having the family home cleaned up. Thank God for family & friends that I could never repay for their efforts and caring. 

After the obligatory traffic around Denver (even using E470) we made it to Casper. First road lesson…...these rigs eat fuel under a full load! 

Wyoming is a beautiful state, and they know how to maintain roads! Our first night was spent outside Casper. We were all exhausted and hungry, and this was the Ang's first “glamping” experience. A couple very minor water leak issues (dry seals) were our only mechanical issues. The next morning while fueling, I was amazed to discover that cashiers and clerks actually do still have faces (they believe in freedom!)

On to Montana! 

Mountains and wind made for interesting travels, and of course ate into the pocketbook. A tiny little town called Anaconda with a nearly perfect RV park hosted us for the night. The most epic views possible in the Lower 48 were ours as we traveled through Montana, making our way to Idaho.

Idaho had amazing views, but I was amazed that coming “down” from Montana, the decline never seemed to end. I swear we drove on a 5-7% decline for hours, must’ve been close to the center of the Earth!


Ok, I will be the first to say that the views that greeted me upon entering eastern Washington were NOTHING like any I”d ever imagined or even been told about. This was straight up the same geography as SE Colorado! As we crossed into the western part of the state heading for the port, the rain came in buckets, sheets, however you want to describe the most falling sky water ever!

Five days and a wake-up in an RV park near the port, waiting for the ferry boarding. Way too many people for this mountain/country boy, but I’ll manage. 

For the most part we’ve interacted with and met genuine friendly people (short term RV neighbors have been awesome), and a few complete douchebags, but such is life. 

Next time, it’s all about the ferry ride to our new home!


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