It's our Alaskan anniversary!
Believe it or not, we’ve made it a whole year! There’ve been some ups and downs, but all told it’s been an adventure worth having.

Four days driving from Colorado to Washington, five days in Bellingham WA waiting to board the ferry, four and a half days sail from Bellingham to Whittier AK. A sailing filled with amazing views, cool people, and two very seasick travel partners (the girls did soldier through it, just don’t ask them to go on a boat again).

Off-loading in Whittier at the end of winter, 6” of ice on the roads. Driving through a train tunnel (on the in-place tracks) and down onto the Kenai Peninsula. 

Frost heaves (they’re a thing, and when you don’t see ‘em coming it sucks)!

I got to play happy homemaker, waiting to hear from my new potential employer while Angela did her behavioral health gig. 

Lived in a great apartment complex with some amazing people (Otis made quite a few friends), a lot of whom Angela worked with.

Started the next chapter of my career 600mi away from Angela & Addie. Soon after Angela left her mental health position and is now running her own health and wellness business. 

Found a great house to make home, off the beaten path but not off-grid.
We learned that the KP/home gets most of its snow when I’m away, leaving Angela & Addie to deal with it. This is also the moment I was informed by Angela that she ain’t going full time off-grid!

Added a new “cuddly puppy” to the family, with the intent of Czarina having a little playmate to keep company and raise. Note: Cooper is now 8mo old, weighs over 70lb and will probably serve as transportation for the smaller grandkids while outside.

We’ve had minor catastrophes happen back in Colorado that we haven’t been able to personally attend to, and milestone events we’ve missed.

We’ve missed personal get-togethers, and have watched over Facetime as my best friend (aka grandson) grows into a teenager.

We’ve seen some of the most amazing vistas and animals ever, and apparently run an excellent restaurant for moose!

The decision to come here was easy, the getting here a bit of a challenge. Facing the new/unknown can sometimes be a bit scary, but we’re all about adventure. Here’s to what’s to come and bringing you along for the ride!

PS: We have a page dedicated to Alaska in the works. You'll get all the details on our move, fun things we've learned living here, and all the fun adventures! You can find that here. Check back frequently. We've got a lot to add!

PPS: We also just recently launched our first program. Check it out here and see if it’s for you!


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